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How deep an iceberg is

Our present is a period of continuous change and development, I would describe our last 20 years with two concepts, social transformation, and digital revolution, but I feel that these two could mean the same thing today. Social transformation incites the digital revolution, and digital revolution society into chaos and rearranges it. As a result of the digital technical explosion that occurred, a new kind of social organization was created, in a new kind of unknown territory, far from the materialistic fabric of reality. After taking possession of this area, instead of being a conscious user, with the blurring of the boundaries of the public and private spheres, the real human identity, which has been transferred to the virtual space that is said to be mapped, but is shrouded in complete darkness, we lose our self-identity, our virtual persona, whether in accordance with our will or in spite of it. In its place and slowly it also fades away. The development of technology and it becoming a part of everyday life offers exit opportunities. As a virtual person, i.e. user, we have to make special efforts to preserve ourselves and not just be a series of numbers or a set of data consisting of zeros and ones. As a user, cooking, disguising, awareness, and passivity may appear as the inevitable doom, but due to the daily use and expectation of the use of virtuality, a permanent offline state can never be created.
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